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Best Life Hacks

This post does NOT constitute medical advice and is only a summary of other information and I highly recommend you meet with Dr. Parks to discuss your personal situation and get the ~$800 test done where you will get biomarkers tested and find out the length of your telomeres and most importantly the percentage of critically short telomeres.

Morning - Take one gram of Lion's Mane Mushroom and 500mg of Acetyl Carnitine.

Before Bed - Take one gram of Lion's Mane Mushroom, 500mg of Acetyl Carnitine, four TA-65 capsules, a small fatty snack, one Cortisol Manager and one Vitamin B stress complex.

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Optimizing your telomeres consists of (1) preventing erosion and (2) actively lengthening. This post will focus almost only on actively lengthening the telomeres but preventing erosion should not be ignored. This is why telomeres may be the ultimate bio-marker.

TA-65 is a telomerase activation product created by TA Sciences. Dr. Ed Parks is the world's leading expert on telomerase activation and has written Telomere Timebombs.

The Telomerase Revolution by Michael Fossel, M.D., PhD, is another excellent book on the subject.

Research Summary

Based on most of the research it appears that the best bio-hack is to take four capsules nightly with a small fatty snack like chocolate or ice cream for at least the first year.

During the first year it seems that this has had an effect of about +450 Median Telomere Length and -1.01% of the percentage of critically short telomeres. During the second year the result is only +67 and -0.25%.

That is not to say that the second year does not result in significant health advantages, it does and the first year is probably rocky because of

  • cleansing out the least healthy stem cells
  • , but merely that the numerically measurable effect is not as pronounced. By normalizing the telomere lengths it may be resulting in even further refinement of one's genetic integrity.

    Also, it appears that starting to take it when younger results in better gains; most likely because you have more and better genetic material and integrity to work with.

    TA-65, Generics and Bioavailability

    There is a post linked to later but this graphic shows why TA-65 is so superior of a value relative to the other products available.

    Best Life Hacks

    How Can You Tell It Is Working?

    First, one of the most common heuristics is an increase in the quality and vividness of your dreams. [Note: If you take Vitamin B it will also likely have this effect.]

    Second, it seems that many people can feel a warm sensation, similar to what one gets after exercise, after taking it and it has intensity and lasts in a way somewhat correlated with the bioavailability graph.

    Nerve Cells

    Telomerase activation effects a significant number of systems however some are not. By analogy, you could have a Toyota with three million miles because you maintain the tires and get regular oil changes but what if the electrical system cannot be replaced or maintained?

    The nerve cells are like the electrical system in that telomerase activation does not have the significant effect that it does on your other systems.

    However, in my research I think I found a product that may help bridge the gap: Lion's Mane Mushroom which is clinically proven to increase the production of Neural Growth Factor and can pass the blood brain barrier. Plus, it is significantly cheaper than eye drops [Noble prize winning Centenarian credits for mental vigor].

    Acetyl carnitine increases the effects of nerve growth factor 100 times when in NGF’s presence.

    It seems that taking one gram in the morning and one gram in the evening before bed is a great dose. Additionally, taking a Vitamin B stress complex before bed is helpful.

    What if I stop taking this stuff?

    It appears that the gains in telomere length and decrease in percentage of critically short telomeres [what really matters!] will persist. It seems that if you want to be cheap then do it the second year by ratcheting back to two capsules per night.

    However, it appears that the Lion's Mane Mushroom needs to be continually taken in order to reap the benefits.

    Decreasing the rate of telomere erosion

    There are lots of things you can do to decrease the rate of telomere erosion. Why pay so much to lengthen when you could pay less to prevent the shortening in the first place?

    Quality sleep, diet, lifestyle, meditation (Muse Headband), cortisol regulation (Cortisol Manager and the free book The Cortisol Connection) and exercise are some of the areas where I think major gains can be made relatively easily to prevent erosion of telomeres with the highest ROI in terms of convenience, time and money.

    Another very interesting tool for hacking your sleep is an earthing sheet which grounds you to the earth. It can have an interesting effect on regulating your cortisol. A great aspect is that after the initial purchase there are no upkeep costs in terms of time, additional orders, etc. and each sheet will last at least about 100 wash cycles.

    Best Life Hacks

    Teeth Health

    Smart Ash, Desert Essence toothpaste and bamboo toothbrushes are all amazing. If you use Smart Ash then you may consider swallowing all of the activated charcoal instead of just spitting it out as it is a great detoxifier.

    The Power of the Mind

    The mind is incredibly powerful. If you really want to figure out how to be superhuman then I would recommend learning from Wim Hof. He baffles scientists and claims to have taken direct control over both his nervous and immune systems.

    Also helpful is Transfer Factor Plus which is clinically proven to improve to boost NK cell activity a 437%. Think of it like intelligence for your killer cells; a force multiplier for effectiveness.

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    Written on April 9, 2016