Far Beyond The Stars

Your journey to Far Beyond The Stars has begun. You are both the dreamer and the dream. What are the cornerstones you build your life upon?



Health is the first cornerstone for designing a life that goes far beyond the stars. Think about it: You can enjoy a sunset, delicious desert or meditative state just as much as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.

Yet nothing will impinge on your time and attention plus your ability to learn and accomplish things as much as poor health.

Consequently, health in all its facets, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, is the first cornerstone for being able to design your life.


Wealth is the next cornerstone for building a life to go far beyond the stars. One tool for financial independence is passive income is highly sought after and often misunderstood.

Passive income streams usually require significant investment and nurturing in the beginning. But with diligence, creativity, efficiency and persistance these passive income streams begin to build and maintain themselves. An example is Bitcoin Mining or other cryptocurrencies where you can learn more at We Use Coins.

Successfully cultivated passive income streams enables you to free up your time and attention to be used on awesome experiences and deep fulfilling relationships.


Once health and wealth are under control and serving your higher self then comes the opportunity for self development and personal realization.

This is where optimized human experiences come into play. Traveling, learning languages or instruments, playing sports or dancing, meditating and studying are all ways you can enter flow and have awesome experiences.


The most complex and most fulfilling human experiences come from human relationships. After all, it is not where you go but who you go with. Consequently, once you have your health, wealth and experiences under control and serving yourself then you can find others to join you in living an optimized human experience and journeying far beyond the stars.