Intuitive Knowing Futures

One of the most powerful things you can learn from yoga is the ability to trust feelings that come from your gut. This is the home of your sacral chakra, and the seat of intuition.

When you feel an overwhelming sense of “oh, I can actually trust this moment, but I have no idea why.” it comes from this place.

It’s not easy to trust in this place, because you’re taught to think with your head. You’re taught to be a rational human being who thinks everything through, weighs the pros and cons, and then decides whether to take the desired course of action.

Over the last few months, I’ve increasingly been relying more on intuition and less on reason. Intuition seems to work so much better, it is in a very real way more successful in a completely unmeasurable way. But, you have to know that you can trust it — in order to do this, you have to practice giving up a control.

When you give up control, and also breathe deep, your intuition has an opportunity to shine. This is the practice, this is the yoga. It’s a daily practice of each inhale and each exhale. It never stops, because you can’t stop breathing.

Control is an illusion anyway. The only way to have control is to stay home, which is also giving up control because you’re not doing anything much of importance at all.

If cultural evolution is speeding up in conjunction with the exponential nature of technology, we’re going to have to learn to get more in touch with intuitive instincts. We simply won’t have time to think everything through, and taking that time might not be the best use of ours anyway.

This could be as simple as taking a left at the next block instead of a right, and showing up somewhere different.

This could be as fascinating as flowing into the next word in a series of words, and discovering something brilliant.

This could be as interesting as knowing that you need to go to New York two months before the reason why you decided to go to New York becomes readily apparent.

Or, it could be as confusing as a feeling you need to hop on a plane to have drinks with a bunch of people you met on the Internet in Chicago — just because you have a feeling that it’ll be one of the most important days in the future of your life.

Intuition can be a powerful source of inspiration for the direction of your life, but it can be difficult to explain to others. “I just know” can be get some interesting reactions from anyone who you’re trying to explain your future to.

All I know is that I’ve been slowly shifting over to that intuitive place. I write from it, I walk from it. I breathe into it, and it feels like a center worth moving from.

We want to know that there’s some solid answer to all things, and we also want to know that we won’t get hurt. Getting hurt when you trust yourself can be far more painful than getting hurt when you thought things through. The thing is, by the time you’ve thought things true there might not be anything left to get hurt over.

I know this: you can trust in others more than you know. The more we operate from intuition, the more we can achieve. Yes, occasionally we’ll be wrong, we’ll make mistakes, or we’ll not get what we were expecting.

But as Douglas Adams once said, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

Let’s learn to trust our intuition, and those of the people around us.

I have an intuitive feeling that it will lead us to a better world.

Written on December 28, 2010